RG PRO is our premium range of high performance cast vinyl designed for professional use. Used primarily in the automotive industry, these graphic films offer a variety of distinctive finishes with high durability and ease of application.


  • Hybrid Cast

  • Transparent Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

  • Up to 7 Years Durability 

Roll Sizes:​

  • Width: 1.52 metres

  • Length: 18 metres

High-Performance Product, High-Performance Packaging

To ensure that our quality standards remain exceptional, RG PRO makes use of our most robust packaging solutions to ensure safe transportation of our goods.


All RG PRO units apply 3 layers of protection: 

  1. Scratch-Resistant Sleeve

  2. Impact Absorbent Tube 

  3. Waterproof Lining

Rainbow Flash

Colour-shifting satin and gloss films which deliver an elegant rainbow effect as they respond to lighting

Satin Chrome

Mixing chromatic shine with a silky matte finish, these films present a sophisticated look. The innovative laminate-free design ensures long-lasting colour and ease of application compared to typical Satin Chromes

Metallic Chrome

Paint-like glossy films offering a realistic metallic look with deep vivid tones and crisp reflections

Crystal Gloss

Opaque, paint-like gloss films with bold colours that amplify the traditional car paint aesthetic


Colour-shift reflections illuminate the softer tones of these films


Sparkling satin and gloss films with colourful highlights and colour-shifting effects giving eccentric looks with sharp details

Ceramic Chrome

These Matte finish metallic films accentuate form with a rich complexion, smooth texture and soft highlights.

Magic Coral

These glossy metallic colours shift under direct light to add a special touch to the vibrant tones


Adding a glitter finish to traditional colours provides a flashy look for those looking for a little extra


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