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About Us

Who Are We?


Since 2014 in England we have been developing our product to incorporate all of the essential elements in good vinyl structure, such as stretchability, weather resistance, polymer memory and air release channels to rival the leading brands. Sourcing high quality ingredients, our wrap is used to supply a large number of companies, for thousands of applications.

We offer an extensive product range:

- PRO (RG) range.

What Makes Us Different?

With a global consumer-base, RG is the sole brand of premium vinyl films within the United Kingdom. By focusing directly on the vinyl industry, we streamline our efforts toward meeting market demands and furthering innovation within the field.



We believe in bringing the best to people, regardless of gender, age, race or social status. We are constantly innovating in order to raise the bar with regards to service, quality and effective results. Striving, not for greatness alone but for greatness in reputation.

Commitment To Customers:


We are fully committed to the needs of our customers, going out of our way to help in whichever way is possible. Along with our service staff we have measures in place which look out for the interests of others. Part of this is our extended warranty policy which we offer to all customers.

Dare To Change - The Philosophy:


In this world there is a fight to be different, to be noticed but much of the time you must be daring to make a difference. Dare To Change encapsulates an ideology that challenges our innate nature to back down. Change can be made and it's the right changes that make the most difference. We must be daring enough to embrace life to the fullest extent and strive to achieve our goals.

Endeavour to be different.

Strive to be excellent.



We Operate from the heart of England, Manchester approximately two hours from London by train. Our branch in England spearheads the design aspects of our business ensuring the highest quality across all of our products.

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